Marine Surveys - Full Condition (pre-purchase) Survey

Pre-purchase Survey

Lifting motor yacht for underwater inspection

Pre-purchase Survey

Lifting sailing yacht for underwater inspection

Pre-purchase Survey

Lifting catamaran for underwater inspection

Pre-purchase Survey

Lifting monohull for underwater inspection

Full Condition (pre-purchase) Survey

The Full Condition (pre purchase) survey is recommended if you; are buying a new yacht, having your Charter Yacht returned (end of contract) or if you have received delivery of a new yacht.

Joe Rowles carries out full condition surveys throughout the Eastern Mediterranean on motor and sailing yachts of all types of construction methods.

The survey is carried out under the guidelines of internationally recognised surveying organisations for example the IIMS. The aim of a Full Condition Survey is to identify and detail a yacht’s defects both structural and equipment defects and give recommendations for their repair. If you are buying a second hand yacht the survey will help you decide if you want to proceed with the purchase or possibly help you renegotiate the purchase price.

Generally for yachts up to and around 12 metres or about 40 feet the survey can be completed in one full day however it does depend on the type of yacht and equipment onboard. For yachts over this length the survey can run over two or more days.

The Full Condition Survey is carried out in two parts:

In water inspection which includes:

  • Testing of equipment, sea trial for engine performance and rig inspection (for sailing yachts)

Out of water inspection which includes:

  • Inspection and testing of the hull exterior and interior, propulsion/stern gear and keel

The Full Condition Survey includes inspection of the following:

  • Hull, superstructure and decks
  • Stern gear
  • Cathodic protection (anodes) and skin fittings
  • Ground tackle and mooring arrangements and fastenings
  • Windows, hatches and port lights
  • Handrails, stanchions and lifelines
  • Davits, boarding ladders etc.
  • Masts, spars, rigging and sails including rig inspection from aloft (if considered safe)
  • Machinery and electrical installations
  • Fuel installations
  • Bilge pumping Installations
  • Gas installations
  • Freshwater installations
  • Grey and black water Installations
  • Lifesaving equipment
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Ancillary equipment

The detail of the survey is presented in a clear, easy to understand report. Photos are used where necessary. Within the report defects found during the survey are listed and information given on their importance and recommendations for repair. The report is delivered as soon as possible after the inspection, generally within a few days, I guarantee that this will be less than ten working days. Please see my testimonials to see what past clients think about my surveys

I am happy to spend time after the survey to explain the findings, please feel free to contact me with your specific requirements.


“I am grateful to Joe for managing the entire survey process on my behalf, including lifting out and coordinating the survey with the owners. The survey and survey report were carried out in a detailed and professional manner. In short, Joe provided a thorough, professional and personal service, and I am pleased to recommend him.” John Hill